12 Best Baby Shower Gifts To Buy in 2021

I’m guessing you’re reading this because a close friend or family member is expecting. The task of finding great baby shower gifts can be daunting. After all, the market is huge and there’s a lot of pressure to get that perfect something that shows how much you care. So, maybe you are going for a cool baby shower gift, or perhaps you are looking for unique baby shower gift ideas, either way I’m hoping this post might help you brainstorm some fresh, new ideas about what to get for a baby shower.


Linen & Leah Pack 'N Play Sheets
    • What’s so special about sheets you might be asking yourself? Well, these aren’t just any baby sheets. Linen and Leah sheets are designed to fit securely to a playard mattress with an adjustable Velcro strap. Why is that so important? Loose sheets and bedding is a huge risk factor for SIDS, SUID, accidental suffocation, and strangulation. These sheets help to cut that risk. Linen & Leah is a company focused on sleep safety. These sheets are made from 100% cotton, they are breathable and made to stay put no matter who much an infant or toddler wiggles or pulls. Plus, these sheets make a great baby gift for girls or boys.


    Amazon Prime Membership
      • This would be categorized in the practical baby shower gifts category. As a new mom myself I cannot even begin to tell you how often my husband and I are ordering things off of Amazon. Whether it is diapers or wipes to the latest must-have gadget, it seems like every day there is something new that we absolutely have to order. That’s why Prime is so great because shipping is included and items are at my door in two days. If the mom-to-be you are buying for doesn’t already have Amazon Prime, I would say this is one of the best baby shower gifts you can buy.
      Sophie the Giraffe
      • My daughter is in LOVE with this thing. This teething toy has to be one of the most popular baby gifts on the market, but for good reason! This teething toy is super cute for one, but also each part of the giraffe is easy for baby’s to hold on to, and more importantly put into their mouth. As far as teething toys go this one is definitely a top rated baby gift. If you’re looking for something relatively cheap, or as an add on to another baby gift, this giraffe is the way to go.


      Diapers and lots of them
        • Ok, so this might not be the most exciting gift, but it sure is a useful baby shower gift for mom! In the early days you are changing your newborn’s diapers around the clock. And, let me tell you from personal experience, those diaper bills, they add up fast! The only thing I’d recommend, is leaving a receipt with this item, just in case the mom your buying for ends up opting to use a different brand, or needs a different size.
        Baby Merlin’s Magic Sleep Suit
          • This thing was a literal LIFE-SAVER for my daughter. She was waking up every hour around 2 and a half months old and we were desperate for help. This little suit, which comically makes your baby look like that kid from the movie A Christmas Story was a miracle worker in my house. In fact, at 6 months we still use it. It got my daughter sleeping anywhere from 6 to 8 hours in a row at night. I would venture to say this is one of the best baby gifts you can give a new parent (if it works, and it certainly did for me.)
          Bjorn Soft Bib
            • This bib is fantastic for when babies start eating solid foods. It has a little pouch to catch any food that falls and it is super easy to clean. The model I linked to comes equipt with what looks like a pearl necklace, so cute and such a great gift for a baby girl. Don’t worry if your loved one is having a boy, there are plenty of other cute options along the same idea!
            Hatch Baby Rest Night Light
              • This is not your typical nightlight. It can change colors, play music and be controlled by an app on your cell phone. Let me tell you why I love it. In the beginning we kept this light in our room next to bed. You can adjust the light to be any color and very dim which was perfect for the 1am and who am I kidding 3 am feedings. What also is very convenient, there is no switch, you just touch the top to turn on which is easy to figure out in the middle of the night. Now, we keep this in my daughter’s nursery. I can control the light and music from my phone meaning I don’t have to go in and disturb her when I want to shut it off. If you’re looking for a newborn baby gift idea, this is definitely a practical and unique baby gift.
              BABYBJORN Bouncer
                • This is an awesome bouncer and can really give a new mom or dad a little freedom back. Whether you are looking for a baby boy shower gift or a baby girl shower gift, this bouncer might just be your answer. This thing is light weight, folds and travels easily, is safe and most importantly provides hours of entertainment for new babies. We didn’t have this right off the bat, but after some research we decided to purchase it. This quickly turned into one of my most essential pieces of baby gear. This bouncer is a great new baby gift!


                UppaBaby Vista Travel System with Mesa Car seat
                  • This is an awesome travel system and a great newborn baby shower gift. The car seat is very easy to install into your car. And, a bonus, it can be used with or without the base. The stroller comes with a basinnet, which we used a ton in our house. We took the basinnet to the beach for easy and shady sleeping, we also used it for walks and we used it for overnight sleep the first few months. The stroller folds up easily and has a bunch of cool features including a huge basket underneath for strorage. (Note- my only advice, if you plan to travel, you might want to consider getting a smaller stroller as well. I wish we got one of those tri-fold type strollers for trips where there’s not a lot of space in the car)
                  Fisher-Price Jumperoo
                    • This definitely goes in the best baby shower gifts category in my opinion. This bouncer provides hours of smiles and giggles for my daughter and I’ve heard nothing but great things from other parents using it as well. If you are looking for a practice and good baby shower gift this is an awesome choice.
                    Kidsme Food Feeder
                      • This is a super cool gadget. This little feeder helps a new mom or dad to introduce solid foods without having to blend or food process. This feeder can also be used to help teething. I throw bananas in the freezer and let my little one chomp away on this. She loves it!
                      Bumbo Multi Seat
                        • This little seat has many different uses. You can use this as a high chair on the ground or attached to an seat, you can use this for a little baby to play with, and this is great to take with you on the go. If you’re looking for a more practical gift, this might be just the thing. We use our Bumbo seat almost daily.


                        Whether you are looking for the best baby gifts for girls, the best baby gifts for boys or really just the perfect newborn baby shower gifts of 2019 I hope this list has given you some good ideas!


                        Linen & Leah is an innovative company that is devoted to creating safe sleeping environments for every baby. Our top priority is your baby’s safety. We are confident that our product really is the perfect Pack and Play sheet. Here’s why - our sheets fit securely to your playard mattress using a Velcro strap, making sure your baby cannot pull or tug the fitted sheets taking them out of harms way. Our sheets are made from 100% organic cotton. Here at Linen & Leah we pride ourselves on having the safest Pack and Play sheet on the market. We want you to feel confident each and every time you put your little one down to sleep. We donate a portion of each purchase to the SIDS Foundation. Want to learn more about our product, check out LinenandLeah.com. 

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