How it works

Place mattress accordion style into the sheet, making certain there is a proper fit on each of the four corners.
Pull the Velcro straps found on each end of the mattress through the coordinating slit on the sheet.
Attach the two Velcro straps found on the sheet for a perfect tight fit.
Lay the mattress inside of the Pack & Play and slide the Velcro straps through the slits of the base, located at the end of the bed.
Attach Velcro to the base of the Pack & Play to ensure a safe and secure sleep environment.

The Linen & Leah Difference

Highest safety standards

Frequently asked questions

Can I use an additional mattress pad along with Linen & Leah’s Perfect Fit Sheet?+
What is the difference between Organic Cotton and Non-Organic Cotton?+
Will Linen & Leah’s Perfect Fit Sheet fit my playard?+

Perfect Fit Sheet

You and your baby rest assured

SIDS Awareness

Our goal at Linen & Leah is to help create a safe sleep environment for your baby and give parents the education they need to raise awareness for SIDS. We donate 15% of our sales each quarter to the SIDS Foundation to help advance their research.

Perfect Fitting Sheet

Designed with your baby in mind, our sheet will always stay secure to the pack and play due to our patented technology within the sheet.

Highest Quality Cotton

Thoughtfully designed and rigorously tested, our sheets are made with 100% organic cotton to give your baby the comfort they need while they sleep.

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