The Perfect Fit Pack 'N Play Sheet

Tired of loose sheets?

Our sheet gives your baby a safe sleep environment that other pack 'n play sheets on the market won't.

100% Organic Cotton

The Perfect Fit
Pack & Play Sheet

Our perfect fit pack and play playard sheet helps create a safe sleep environment for your baby and raises awareness for SIDS.

The Perfect Fit

Feel the difference

Our sheet is made from 100% Organic Cotton to give your baby the most comfortable sleeping experience.



Sleep Innovation

Secured corners and additional safety features within the sheet allows for the sheet to have no movement.

The Perfect Fit

Our patented design allows for The Perfect Fit to give you peace of mind that your baby is in a safe sleep environment.

Extra Protection

This special feature allows the sheet and mattress to be securely attached to the Pack and play for the safest fit.

The Perfect Sheet

Linen & Leah's uniquely designed fitted Pack & Play, Playard sheet creates the best safe sleep environment for your baby, is 100% organic cotton and is available in four solid colors.

100% Organic Cotton

Our sheets are uniquely engineered with 100% organic cotton and a 300 thread count. This allows your child to have a more safe and comfortable experience.

Free Shipping

Get free shipping on any purchase you make at Linen & Leah. We will deliver your sheets to your doorstep within 3-5 business days.

Sleep In Style

Modern colorways




Deep Sea Blue

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