The Perfect Fit Pack & Play Sheet

The Perfect Fit Pack & Play Sheet

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Safe Sleep For Your Baby

Our perfect fit pack 'n play sheets were created to give your baby a safe sleep environment in their pack 'n play. Most fitted pack 'n play sheets can cause SIDS due to the sheets corners rising up.

How Our Sheet Is Different



Sleep Innovation

Secured corners and additional safety features within the sheet allows for the sheet to have no movement.

The Perfect Fit

Our patented design allows for The Perfect Fit to give you peace of mind that your baby is in a safe sleep environment.

Extra Protection

This special feature allows the sheet and mattress to be securely attached to the Pack and play for the safest fit.

The Perfect Sheet

Linen & Leah's uniquely designed fitted Pack & Play, Playard sheet creates the best safe sleep environment for your baby, is 100% organic cotton and is available in four solid colors.

100% Organic Cotton

Our sheets are uniquely engineered with 100% organic cotton and a 300 thread count. This allows your child to have a more safe and comfortable experience.

Free Shipping

Get free shipping on any purchase you make at Linen & Leah. We will deliver your sheets to your doorstep within 3-5 business days.


With a new baby, bedtime can be ripe with all sorts of danger. Imagine, you put your little one down in a crib or playard, you think you’re doing everything right, but then you wake up to see your baby pulling at the sides of the sheets, in a position where he or she could suffocate. That, is any parents worst nightmare. As parents we are overly aware that even a split second can make the difference between life or death when it comes to infant safety.


The statistics on baby deaths are scary. There were 3,600 reported sudden unexpected infant deaths in the U.S. in 2016, about 1,500 of those are categorized as SIDS and 900 are said to be from suffocation and strangulation in bed. This is why safe sleep practices for babies are so important to pay attention to.


For new parents sudden infant death syndrome is a very real concern. The mere prospect of something happening to your infant after you put him or her down to sleep is petrifying. So, what is SIDS? It is the unexpected, unexplained death of an infant up to a year old. SIDS deaths typically happen while an infant is sleeping. The exact cause of SIDS is not known, but there are ways to prevent the syndrome. Parents can help towards preventing SIDS by putting their baby to sleep on his or her back on a firm, flat sleeping surface with no loose sheets blankets or toys. 


At Linen & Leah we know the risks associated with sleep. That’s why we created the perfect Pack and Play sheet. Our founder, Jen O’Malley, a mother of two with years of childcare experience became frustrated and concerned after using playard mattress sheets that were loose and unsafe. Jen couldn’t stand the prospect of putting a baby down on a Pack ‘n Play mattress with playard sheets that could suffocate or strangle a baby. Her fear over current products inspired her to create Linen and Leah. Our playard sheets attach securely to your Pack and Play mattress using a Velcro strap. The sheets are breathable and made from 100% organic cotton. They are made to stay put. Our top focus is safety which is why we are confident in saying our product is the safest Pack and Play sheet on the market.


With all the risks with bedding, you might be asking yourself are playard sheets necessary? The answer is yes for several reasons. Babies are very messy. It’s not uncommon for a baby to have an accident or spit up after you put them down in a Graco Pack ‘n Play. For sanitary reasons sheets keep the mattress clean and make cleanup easier. In addition, you want your baby to be comfortable so they can fall asleep, which is way fitted sheets are a must.


As we’re sure you’ve already gathered there are so many products and must have baby items on the market. But, our product is different and really should be one of your newborn essentials. At Linen & Leah safe sleep for your baby is our entire mission. We care about your little one and want to make sure you are cutting down on potential dangers each and every time you put him or her to sleep. We are all about preventing SIDS and SIDS awareness. That’s why each time you purchase one of our Pack and Play crib sheets we donate to the SIDS Foundation. Our organic baby products make great gifts for new moms and we promise we really do offer the safest and best playard bedding on the market.

Fits Most Brands Including: Graco, Baby Trend, Chicco, Ingenuity and Cosco.


Thread Count: 300
Material: 100% Organic Cotton
Care and Cleaning: Attach Velcro Straps, Machine Wash Separate Cold, Tumble Dry Low
Dimensions: 27" W x 39" L


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Deb Q.
United States United States

Awesome sheet!

Finally found a sheet safe to use in pack and play! Thank you for inventing this!

Sophia R.
United States United States

Finally safe sheets!

So glad to finally have safe sheets for the Pack N Play. Graco doesn’t even make safe sheets for their own product! Thank you Linen and Leah.

Jessica M.
United States United States

Just what I’ve been looking for!

True perfect fit, could not find another product that came close after buying several that would not be a suffocation risk for my daughter in her pack n play. You should expand your line for other fits with cribs and bassinets!

Marietta J.
United States United States

Multiple Purchases

This is my 4th Linen and Leah Perfect Fit Pack and Play Sheet. I bough my otherwise at a childcare conference. I love that no matter the pack and play these always fit snug and tight per licensing requirements. I also love the quality of the fabric so soft. They wash up nicely.

Jamie H.
United States United States

Perfect fit!

I love these sheets! Perfect fit!

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